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Web development and web design at a best price

Do you need to be acknowledged in the vast web space so that the quality you provide gets admired?

In web studio IS Design Sofia we will be beneficial to you by providing website development which will make your clients remember you!

From a static internet website to an online store - Your project will be pursued with special care, precision and passion. Apart from the individual design and the right choice of functionalities, the main goals for our websites are: to send unique messages, to possess a uniqueness and above all, to provide the required results!

In the field of enormous competition, a good presence in the world wide web is the most effective way to be differentiated from the rest. We achieve that at a hit price. What we possess is a channeled energy towards set goals, a set of good skills and a never ending strive for perfection, which we will gladly put in motion while we develop your website so that it can provide to your successful business. Share your ideas, goals and ambitions with us and trust us with their accomplishments!

In the process of development of each website, we at IS Design Sofia follow a few important steps:

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  • The pinpointing of goals and expected results for the project, deciding the target audience, research of the specific ifs in the mentioned business field;
  • Planning the stages of development. What tech will there be used, setting deadlines for the accomplishment of the project;
  • Making a site map and strategy of content – plans creation, sharing and maintaining control, which is beneficial, usable, targeted, productive and profitable;
  • Preparation of graphic design after consultancy with the client is decided and put in motion;
  • Thorough testing of the web side and acquisition by the client;
  • Periodic renewal of content ( in case of a contract )

The mutual pleasure of a successful endeavour are of a big importance to us, that is why all finished projects are handled with a 6 month warranty.

We expect to hear from you for:

Development of informative or specialized websites:

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  • Personal or firm profiles
  • Online stores
  • Ad websites etc.
  • Redesign of websites
  • Optimization for search engines – SEO
  • Hosting*
  • Maintenance
  • Web design consultancy
  • Logo development
  • Other services – send your enquiry.

We at IS Design Sofia follow the most advanced trends in the dynamic and vast space of the world wide web and bring the future today!

* Hosting is available only for clients of the company or with a contract for maintenance!